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Conservation Treatment Methodology

Review by "Raven"

Popular Canadian YouTuber and an archeology and art enthusiast, Raven ranked Conservation Treatment Methodology by Barbara Appelbaum No. 2 in her video on Top 10 Art Conservation Book Recommendations. Here’s what she had to say about the book-


“This book really does teach you how to approach an object before you actually start treating and handling a piece of art. There’s so much visual examination research and documentation that has to be done in order to make sure you’re choosing the best method and materials for cleaning for adhering for infilling for painting then you actually have to make a treatment plan from all of this that results in a completed object to the best of your abilities and limitations within a realistic timeline. It’s a lot to deal with just even one object and Appelbaum goes into all the different things you need to think about.

Conservation isn’t black and white and you can’t use the same methodology for every object even if it’s made from the same material or comes from the same painter or civilization you have to go into the material science of the object and the historical and cultural significance its research value its sentimental value all of these non-material things that get associated with material ones.”