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Conservation Treatment Methodology

Conservation Treatment Methodology presents a systematic approach to decision-making for conservation treatments. The methodology is applicable to all cultural property, independent of object type or material, and its use will enable conservators to be more confident in their treatment decisions.

Conservation Treatment Methodology is illustrated with numerous examples that emphasize the equal importance of the physical and cultural aspects of objects for decision-making. The book also explains how the history of an object and the meaning that it holds for its owner or custodian contribute to determining its treatment.

Conservation Treatment Methodology is an essential text for conservators, historic preservation specialists, and restorers, as well as students. Since it is not a technical manual about how to carry out treatments, the book will also be of value to art historians and museum personnel who work with conservators.

“This book is unique in its overarching, multidisciplinary approach. The writing is not only clear, but entertaining and engaging.”

Dan Kushel, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Art Conservation Department, Buffalo New York) State College

Barbara Appelbaum is one of the premier objects conservators in the United States and the author of Guide to Environmental Protection of Collections. Practicing in New York, Appelbaum was trained at New York University and began her career at The Brooklyn Museum. The author treats a wide range of object types. Projects of note have included George Washington’s leather portfolio, a Marcel Duchamp urinal, and a Marilyn Monroe dress.

*Covers decision-making behind what treatment to use from beginning to end
*Processes can be applied to all conservation specialties
*Considers the factors needed to reconcile the often conflicting demands and difficulties facing a conservator

Amazon Customers' Reviews

“Barbara Appelbaum has written a magnificent treatise on a complex subject for all of us, expert and non-expert alike. This book needed to be written, was overdue in the art and decorative art worlds, and fortunately for all of us she took the time and effort to put her pen to paper. The result is an easy to read book, where she unravels the complex without skipping any of the important details. This is a talent that cannot be overstated, particularly in the case of conservation. Museum curators and conservators both need to read it, as the methodology of conservation treatment begins long before any hand is lifted to do the work, a concept she amply and ably deals with to great and useful effect. All collectors also would benefit tremendously by reading Appelbaum’s book before dropping a piece off to be conserved or restored; the knowledge gained from this book will ensure the results are more satisfying. The methodology she lays out in the book quite simply sets a clear standard, one that needs to be integrated into any curriculum on conservation if it is not already. We owe Barbara Appelbaum a debt of gratitude for taking this subject on in such a masterful way…buy the book and you will be handsomely rewarded! Thank you Barbara”

“Barbara has done an excellent job of breaking down what we consider before treating objects, from fine art to family heirlooms. Her “characterization grid” provides an easy-to-follow process when examining and researching any type of object for potential treatment. By addressing specific concerns and considerations in the field, Barbara will inspire you to change how you approach decision-making for conservation examinations and treatments. A must-have for any conservator or collections care professional!”

“Conservation Treatment Methodology is written in such a way that it allows even the most amateur of museum professionals to grasp the basics of conservation work. Barbara Appelbaum writes with a conversational tone as if she is mentoring you as you go. As a graduate student of museum studies, I wish all texts were written in this way. I highly recommend it!”