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Preserve, Protect, and Defend: A Practical Guide to the Care of Collections is an essential book for museum professionals, volunteers and consultants across a wide range of responsibilities: curators, registrars, collections managers, archivists, museum administrators, museum educators, museum conservators, art historians, operations staff, designers, engineers, architects, building contractors, suppliers, security specialists, and pest control experts.​

It is great source of information about the various aspects of museums and its collections care and the people associated with them.​

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“An important contribution to the field.
[D]estined to be a classic!”

~ TDV, University Professor

“A must-have for any conservator or
collections care professional!”

~ AR, Preservation Coordinator

Conservation Treatment Methodology presents a systematic approach to decision-making for conservation treatments. The methodology is applicable to all cultural property, independent of object type or material, and its use will enable conservators to be more confident in their treatment decisions.

It is an important book for historic art conservation and preservation specialists, 

Guide to Environmental Protection of Collections  Book is for anyone who cares for or about collections of art, historical artifacts or any other kind of cultural material or for natural history collections. It is written for those with no technical background who find themselves having to make decisions concerning the physical care of those collections.

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“A handy reference for the proper care
of objects”

~ LB, Museum Curator

Barbara Appelbaum

Barbara Appelbaum and her firm, Appelbaum and Himmelstein, consult for museums and other collections-holding institutions in the United States and around the world.  Based in New York, Appelbaum was trained at New York University and began her career as a conservator at the Brooklyn Museum. In addition to her museum-consulting activities, Appelbaum  has worked on innumerable masterwork paintings and objects of all kinds.  Projects of note have included George Washington’s leather portfolio, a Marcel Duchamp urinal, and a Marilyn Monroe dress.

Barbara Appelbaum