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The pandemic has brought several changes to the lives of people. Museums all over the world

The significance of collections care is almost critical as preservation of cultural property is among the

Your guests love the beautiful art on the wall of your home. You do too, however,

Conservation of art is an attempt to preserve and repair paintings, architecture, drawings, prints, objects such

In the world of museum collections care, many phrases and terms might be confusing. Even the

Most of us must have heard about “art conservation” without actually having any knowledge about what

Preserve, Protect, and Defend: A Practical Guide to the Care of Collections has been written by

When it comes to Significance of Collections Care in museology or work of any museum there

Like history, art history goes through recurrent revisions and reviews. It is a flexible discipline, but

Who is Museum Conservator? Museum conservators are responsible for the handling, preservation, and preventing the deterioration